..a few signs to look for!

Teething can start anywhere form 3 months and up.. so be prepared!

Here are some signs that could indicate the start..

- drooling.. the clothes quickly become soaked :)
- waking often during the night
- crying.. teething is painful, so fussiness and crying might start!
- fasting or not wanting to feed.. sometimes this causes more pain, the sucking motion.. so some babies try to do without.. make sure they do not.. or call your doctor if you are concerned!
- gnawing.. on you, their hands, anything!
- fever.. I've heard teething can bring about a fever too!

Did you notice any other signs that made you aware your babe was teething?

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    8Theresa Gould
    I cannot think of anything else, but most of mine exhibited some or all of these signs at one point or another.
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