we should guide kids the way that will teach them to learn the right way

in life we have struggles...in it we have strengths....we can go thru life n as we grow there will be mistakes made along the way its up to us to learn from them and from that we become stronger but if things change n take a wrong turn we may never learn but become afraid of the next out come.....dont let things in ur life take control of what u do u take control of it n become a better person because of it!!!! We as adults should teach our kids from right or wrong n show them the right path n watch them grow show them the way n guide them never should we guide them down a dark road!!!!

    8Theresa Gould
    Definitely. I think it's important too.
      thank u ladies i felt that this advice had to be said over the past few days ive heard of kids being abused by parents some by doing something they didnt like or one just for crying if we dont teach them the right way they can n will end up in bad places but its up to us to teach
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