Raw vegan recipes... Fresh and yummy!

Aside from babies, I'm not aware of any contraindications for raw foods for children, aside from maybe meat which isn't vegan. So, I imagine the only difference in raw vegan recipes for children and raw vegan recipes for adults is making it fun enough to eat!

Raw vegan food doesn't have to just be a bowl of salad breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There's actually tons of cool things you can do with it. Something I think children might like is 'fake' veggie pasta. Instead of normal noodles, you can use zuchinni instead. There are a lot of other options, but I think zuchinni would be a good place to start with kids.

Just a few of the raw sauces listed on Pinterest are basil avocado, cauliflower sauce, lemon mint tahini, and of course various tomato sauces. You can do the 'noodles' like spaghetti, fettucine, or sliced wide to use like lasagna noodles or to roll into 'manicotti' There's lot of different combinations of flavors and textures to work with here, so you just have to play around until you find what works for you!

Oh, and to make the noodles like spaghetti, it's as simple as getting a spiral slicer, which are sold on amazon. Pop in a zuchinni, carrot, broccoli, or other vegetable, rotate, and the spiral slicer will make the 'noodles' for you.

There are a lot of different soups you can make that I think would also be kid-friendly. A few examples are broccoli avocado, lemon dill pea, french onion, spicy creamy tomato... There are tons of options and they're super nutritious.

I think it would be nice to eat raw at least a day a week or more... And definitely healthy! Looking at recipes for raw vegan food has re-inspired me to try for that, because it all looks so delicious and fresh!

What are your favorite raw vegan recipes?

How do you get children to eat raw vegan food? Do you have ways to make it fun?

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    8Theresa Gould
    I like your ideas. We try to eat raw veggies a few times a week and hopefully this summer it will be a daily thing with fresh veggies from the garden but we are in no way a raw or vegan family.
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