I really hate when somebody tells me my daughter has a stupid name or its ugly as a name. I love the name "Spiritual" shes the first person to have the name..far as i know, this girl told me lucky she not ugly cause then she would have two faults, I dont know why people are so rude, evil and careless of others feelings. Have some respect for others. MY DAUGHTER IS BEAUTIFUL AND SO IS HER NAME. Im a very proud mother to my 3 year old "Spiritual Nicole" Her name is perfect to me.

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      I love her name!! I love unique and different names that you don't hear often. Don't listen to the negativity. You are much better than those people who try to tear you down.

      When I told my mother-in-law I picked the name Ellsie for my daughter the only thing I ever heard was how much she hated the name and that it reminded her of a COW. It made me SO angry, but I stuck to it... and now my mother-in-law says she can't imagine her having any other name. lol
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      Im a mother of 2 already, I have a girl and a boy, My girl name is Spirit (3 years old) & my son name is Anthony (10 months).