Flying with kids - what do you think?

So, my friend sent me this article, and I have to say I enjoyed reading it and it made me laugh. I travel a reasonable amount for work (without children) and have also flown quite a few times with my 3 kids. So I really can see it from both sides. So while I found this article to resonate in some respects, I also thought it was a bit mean-spirited.

On the one hand, I have always found it odd that we, as a society, fetishize having children (with all the over-scheduling and helicopter parenting and obsession with every stage of pregnancy), but yet at the same time we are unable to accept normal, age-appropriate childhood behaviour, such as getting restless on an airplane or in a restaurant.

On the other hand, I do think that some parents make pretty selfish decisions when traveling with kids or otherwise taking them places. For example, it might not be a good idea to take your toddler who is in a very tantrumy phase to fly in business class, even if you can afford it. Because people have paid $8000+ so that they can rest and get some work done. And maybe consider if the kids aren't at the right stage for travelling. And keep in mind that all those others on the plane don't love or care about your children. So - yah- even if they are generally nice people, it may not make them "a-holes" (as per the article) if they get frustrated by a constantly crying baby.

On balance, I lean towards being non-judgemental and kind to that mom or dad traveling with a small child. Because I know there might be a very good reason to be there (e.g., grandma is very sick and this may be the last chance to say goodbye) and because I know most parents are really trying their best and are mega stressed when on a plane with kids. Maybe some parents have made bad decisions about travelling with kids, but most deserve our empathy and respect. But I think parents should not be so sensitive to every real or perceived slight. I think if we all tried to be understanding to one another, it would make many things in life, including traveling with kids, a lot easier!…

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    LOL, I agree. Why waste that kind of money? But yet some people do it!
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