my toddlers new thumb sucking?

xander is three he broke his self off his passy at 3 months he has cut all his teeth but because he was late to be broke off the bottle and he had 5 rotted teeth in the front that had to be cut out 3 or 4 months ago his gums healed up perfect! and he had to have 2 silver cap things and 1 white cap put in! BUT now we have perfect looking mouth and brush 2x a day didn't realize taking care of baby teeth was so important dentist taught me better but now hes sucking on his thumbs and pointer finger and chews on his shirts and stuff like when he was teething. is it normal? and he wants a passy so bad and I don't want to give him one could he be cutting his adult teeth where he had the baby cut out?

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      8Theresa Gould
      If he had stopped using a pacifier recently I would suggest he's replacing that with the chewing and finger sucking, as my two older ones did that briefly when they stopped sucking their thumbs. I had other ones chew on clothing who never used a pacifier or sucked their thumb and it was just a phase.
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