Gifted Baby?

Diagnosing a baby as gifted is pretty hard just because all babies develop so differently. They may be ahead on one thing and behind on another. They could be gifted or they could just be doing things their own way. Some signs that could indicate being gifted are:

- Need for mental stimulation at a young age:
gifted babies can often be very fussy because they constantly want something new to look at. They're not content to just lay down and stare at a mobile for hours. If you have a fussy baby that instantly calms down when you move them or change their view they could be gifted. Parents of gifted children say that they had to move their baby around as often as every 20minutes!
- unusual alertness in infancy
- long attention span in infancy
- less need for sleep in infancy
- smiling or recognizing caretakers early
- advanced progression through developmental milestones
- high activity level

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      Don't we all hope? My husband's side of the family is very academically gifted, so I personally try not to look for acceleration in my daughter. If it is there, fine, but I refuse to be disappointed in her if it isn't there, so I try to put it out of my mind.
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