Softest. Legs. EVER. DIY-style.

Pretty sure I found this on Pinterest ages ago, but Mandi just reminded me of the joys of coconut oil.


Coconut or olive oil (both can be found at Wal-mart... if you get unrefined, cold-pressed coconut oil it still smells like coconuts!)

Sugar- brown or white doesn't matter

Fresh squeezed citrus juice (optional) acts as an acid exfoliator

Scent (optional) You can use vanilla extract, peppermint extract, whatever you'd like as long as it's fine to eat or use on skin.

(One of my fav's is vanilla extract and lime juice- smells like key lime pie)

Here's what you do:​

Mix that stuff up until your sugar is a nice gloopy, oily paste. Slather on legs and scrub, scrub, scrub.

Shave your legs. (Shouldn't need shaving cream because they should still have oil residue)

Scrub again with the mixture.

Be prepared to clean the bathtub if it's winter because this gets off soooooooo much dead skin, it may leave grey gunk on the tub (gross, right?)

Enjoy your amazingly silky smooth legs. You can rinse off the oil or leave it on to absorb, either way.

You can use it on your lips too if you used all food-safe ingredients.

Also makes great, cheap holiday gifts especially if you use peppermint extract and dye it red, leave it white, or make two batches and swirl it. Give in Mason jars or cleaned out candle jars with lids and a ribbon. Homemade, helpful, and from the heart!

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