Not happy. Little angry at my husband

So ladt night i told my husband thst vince and logan and i are having lunch with him. I asked him if thats ok. He said ya sure but we would have lunch with coworkers. I told him fine.
Today he told me to meet him at work. I said ok. I even told him i had a chiropracter visit at 10:30am so i might be a little late.
Well i left our house just before 10am. Got to my chiropracter at 10:25am. He was running 10-15mins late. I texted him twice and told him i would be late.
Just as i was about to walk out of my apoitment i got called in. Left at 10:50am.
My husband called me and said where r u. I said on my way. He said just meet me there and he would hitch a ride with coworkers. I said fine but where am i meeting u. He told me name of restaurant, had no clue where it was and neither did he. So i said stay there.
I am speeding going 45 to 50 in 25 zones. I get there and he just blew up at me.
I told him sorry.
We could of orderd our food 10mins earlier but the restaurnt was slow. But now i blame myself cuz of how angry he got of me being late.

    When I am running late, things seem to snowball to make me even later too. My husband will grump about it at me, but if things aren't my fault, I try not to let it upset me further. Sometimes we can't control everything, so please don't beat yourself up over it.
      8Theresa Gould
      It doesn't sound like it was your fault at all. I hope your husband realizes that once he's over being upset.
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