Moms: Is there something you just refuse to clean?

Drains. It's the drains. I will clean anything in this house, but I just can't bring myself to clean drains. I lose a ton of hair in the shower (like.. I should save it and donate it.. it's that much). And even though it's my hair, I can't do it.

Even the kitchen drain. I'm so careful about what goes into the sink because we're on a septic system, but even still I just can't clean out the little drain catcher thingy. So gross. I simply refuse to do it.

Is there a chore or area of your house that you refuse to clean?

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      8Theresa Gould
      I always put off the oven and I don't take drains apart to clean but I clean out the hair in the shower drain since there's a little plate with holes and I clean my kitchen drains when food gets caught in the plug (also has holes in it)......I don't think there's anything I refuse to clean. The children pick up dog poo when needed and the kitty litter.
        Drains... yep forgot about that one... nope don't do those! i also do not like cleaning the overn!
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