Behaved kid credit?

Saw this on the news the other night. A while back I heard about some restaurants not allowing babies and toddlers. At the time I had no kids, or prospect of kids and thought, Wonderful! Heck even now I think it's a good idea.

But on the flip side, there are now restaurants that give a "Well behaved kid credit". The receipt they showed had a $5 discount off of the patron's bill that clearly stated it.

I think it leaves too much to what some people would refer to as a "Well behaved kid".. but all in all, I say kudos! Very cool.

What do you think?

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      Oh my goodness, I was just reading a thread about this on Facebook. We don't go out with the kids because their food cannot be touching. It's a tragedy if it is-not something I want to deal with around people who wouldn't understand. It's nice to get the reinforcement that hey, your kids were good, thanks for that. The few times we have been out, the waitress or manager has put a note in with the bill, the kids were awesome can they have an extra treat... On the flip side, everybody's definition of 'good' varies..
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        I don't think it's necessary. I kind of get why they are doing it, probably hoping parents will be motivated to have better behaved children but still.....
          Huh...never heard of this credit... it sounds great to me because my children behave wonderfully in restaurants so i would welcome a credit! ... is there a list of those that do this?
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