Article: 8-Year-Old Girl Delivers Her Own Brother

This article is another one of those amazing delivery stories you hear on the news, and in this episode, the mom's eight-year-old daughter delivered her own brother. Always amazing, but this is especially poignant to me because I was eight when my brother was born. I was nowhere near the delivery process, mind you--my mom left in the middle of the night while I was asleep, and I woke to my aunt telling me that my brother was born. Still, though--think back to being eight. Can you imagine delivering a baby at that age? This girl is a hero, and bless her for helping her mother through it!

Does anyone have or know of anyone else who has an amazing delivery story? I don't--I'm pretty happy with my hospital delivery anyway, though!

    Melissa Middleton
    That made me cry--that is amazing. What a wonderful little girl. <3
      8Theresa Gould
      I saw this headline and scanned the article. It just seems so young and I can't imagine my eight year old being that strong. There was another story a while ago about a child doing something similar or maybe it was related to another health issue of his or her parent?
        Wow! Amazing... I think my son would die if he had to do that.. (he is 8)
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