I am a strict mom...i know it...she knows it, and we're okay with it. I am a big firm believer and letting a child know where her boundaries are and what happens if she steps out of those boundaries. House rules aren't unreasonable but they are enforced, such as "no running" "no playing ball" etc...we live in Apartments so these things are frowned upon anyway i just make sure my daughter doesn't do them. Also traditional rules are traditional i mean rules that are behavior based. We always tell the truth and if the truth isn't told then there is a consequence. I'm big on natural consequences but other disciplines are used in our home, like timeout, spanking and taking away toys, tv, activites...etc.....she's 7 now so just one thing doesn't work. Spanking for us is a last resort. The way i feel about parenting is that as her parent i am supposed to be just that her parent. I am preparing her for a life outside my home where she is going to have to follow the rules or face punishment a lot harsher than no ballet and a spanking. Jail is no joke. I am not her friend, i will be friendly to her and i will play with her that is apart of parenting but when i say no to something and explain why the no is there then that no is final. Its not my job as a parent to provide everything for her without question. Its not my job to spoil her. That's why she has aunts/uncles/ godparents/grandparents/ and close friends and family who buy things, give junk food, etc....I don't mind if they spoil her....that's their job. Their job is to spoil. My job is to make sure she grows up to be a functioning adult a successful adult. One that doesn't have a prison record or a long history with the law.

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    You do state some real and true consequences. I'm only the mom of a toddler now, so I'm not sure how I will be with an older kid. I hope to make firm boundaries, as I believe that is important.
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      You sound like a very sensible mom. I believe children crave boundaries .
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