Safety tips for drinking beer while breastfeeding

If you want to drink while breastfeeding, you must be careful. My rule of thumb is one drink per hour, always followed by one full glass of water, and I do not breastfeed if I feel anything close to buzzed. If you are feeling the affects of alcohol, then it is not out of your system.

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    8Theresa Gould
    I've never heard of the glass of water tip, then again I haven't needed the information either since I don't drink.
      I am not a drinker but my Aunt always said a glass of beer helped with milk production... anyone ever hear of this>?
      I did some googling, because I was pretty sure I heard that this was an old wives tale. It doesn't look like it's that straight forward, though. This article is a great explaination:…

      TLDR; most modern US beers are too light to help with milk production. Anecdotal exceptions may be single glasses of either Guinness (rich in barley and hops) or non-alcoholic St. Pauli (malty).
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