When can babies eat Cheerios

I think at about the six month mark, we started offering Cheerios and other cereals. As well as being real food, it also helps babies develop their pincer skills. Baby may not be able to get the Cheerios in his or her mouth at first, but it will come eventually.

My personal preference is to use baby cereal puffs instead of Cheerios, though--they melt faster in the mouth, and my daughter choked on them less because of that. My favorite brand was Happy Baby for the lower sugar content, but Gerber and Plum also make great versions.

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    8Theresa Gould
    Our children, the ones who we used them with, loved puffs and we usually bought Happy Baby too, that's the brand we learned about puffs from.
      I liked the puffs better too they seemed to melt in the mouth easier!
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