Pregnant with breast implants

During pregnancy your breasts will get larger and you may notice your skin feeling tighter or itchy. Pregnancy will not hurt your implants or damage them. After pregnancy your breasts might decrease to their pre-pregnancy size. If your breasts decrease in size you may notice some sagging due to the skin being stretched during pregnancy.

Most women with breast implants are still able to breastfeed. In some cases moms might experience low supply or have pain while breastfeeding. Your doctor will be able to discuss your specific implants and how your surgery was preformed and what possible side effects you may face when breastfeeding. It is important to remember that most women with implants are still able to breastfeed.

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    8Theresa Gould
    I'm with Selena and have wondered about implants and couldn't wrap my head around what I read though. It just sort of never seemed like it was possible even though the books said it was!
      I always wondered about this ... I do not have implants but wondered about women who do! Thanks Katie!
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