Potty training with reusable training pants

If you are familiar with cloth diapering then reusable training pants is really no different. The difference between pullups and reusable is the pullups you throw out and the reusable ones have to be rinsed and washed in the washing machine. I found with cloth or reusable training pants my children were more aware of their bodily functions than they were with the disposables.

Unless you use rubber pants reusable training pants can be the cause of unwanted accidents on the floor, in bed etc. So more laundry to do.

Have you used reusable training pants in potty training?

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
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    We are not there yet but I was looking at them the other day and that is the way I think we are going to go.
      I actually had this conversation with my husband the other day. We were running low on diapers and needed to get more, but due to our little Valencia wanting to actually go to her potty and get to know it better :) we decided to just not get so many and focus on pull-ups. We did disposable diapers, but I think the reusable training pants might be better for her to have just so that she is more aware of when she goes. We will likely save a lot of money by choosing reusable ones as well.
        Danielle Keltner
        I am considering on looking into it. We've had issues potty training Ember.
          7Malena Hall
          Yes and they are good at the start but I like to trasition to real big boy underware as quickly a possible. With my boys I found having an accident in the big boy pants was met, by them, with much greater displeasure then even cloth trainers. As a result they wanted to stay dry much faster.
            We used them instead of disposable pull ups. It made our daughter feel more grown up to use them instead of the pull ups that she compared to diapers, and she was more willing to go in the toilet rather than her pants... she was a bit lazy about getting up to go otherwise, and this way when she did have an accident, she was more aware of it without making as much of a mess as just panties would have made.
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