4 Reasons We Should Forgive Our Care Provider

The title of this article grabbed me because I still struggle to forgive certain care providers, mostly during my losses than my pregnancies. Those care providers are the reason I don't want to go to another hospital for a birth or a loss, those care providers are the reason I don't want to see another doctor if I don't have to. I'm a Christian and I understand the importance and concept behind forgiveness but the things done to me and said to me were inexcusable to those in the "care" business. I feel those who don't care shouldn't be in the "care" profession. As soon as they start to lose their caring they should get out and those around them should tell them, especially co-workers. Believe me, when I filled out my hospital evaluations, I did not hold back and they heard my view on my stay and how I was treated. I don't see any reason to kick a mother when she's already down and grieving. Off my soapbox.....

Do you have unresolved issues with any of your care providers?


8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    I agree my OB made me feel like she did not want to be there during my delivery. She really wanted to do a C section and I wanted natural child birth. During my labor she kept giving me a time limit saying if I did not have him by midnight she will section me. She broke my water at 9 am so I didn't understand why she was pushing me to have my son so soon. She scheduled me for inducement after me being only 4 days late. Thank god for the amazing nurses and my fiance at the hospital encouraging me to not let her section me because I can push my baby out. After my labor she stitched me and left. I will never go to that OB again. If she didn't want to be there she shouldn't have.
      Danielle Keltner
      After I delivered my first son, the ER Nurse almost refused my son to feed. I was nursing and he only ate twice in 12 hours. The nurse told us that she was the only nurse there and since there was another sick child and our son was just going to have to wait. I was so angry. Then after he began getting jaundice she told me it was my fault that I was trying to breastfeed and I should only do formula. I kept my son in my room and refused them to take him to the nursery unless it was for an hour tops. Now if we need to go to the hospital, we travel ten miles further to another hospital.
        Mine is not unresolved as I let hospital administration know about it. But I do hope the midwife get some sort of repercussion so she doesn't do it to anybody else. I had it clearly stated in my birth I wanted delayed cord clamping and NO drugs.. She waited maybe a few minutes, it wasn't long and there was still blood in the cord which I can deal with-Grace still got a lot of it. But they gave me pitocin and that I am not ok with and that is why i don't want to go back. I shouldn't have to be rushed to deliver a placenta just because the midwife wants to go home-the next one on duty can deliver it. The only time my ankles were majorly swollen was for 3 days after birth because of pitocin.
          Yes, I do. When I was 16, I was admitted to a psychiatric ward at the hospital. I was forced to take medications when all I needed was a good night's rest and then someone caring to talk with. I was better off getting tranquilized and then waking up the next day fully rested to be able to share the traumatizing experiences. Over the years, I've learned to forgive and let go. It was a rough road, but I feel like I've carried that burden of grudges far too long and that's when I let go.
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