Bumps along the way. :)

So, I found this article and actually learned a lot! Babies have such sensitive skin and there a lot of 'normal' bumps that happen. Lucas had the baby acne and definitely a 'stork bite' by his eye at birth. All of it clears up so fast and they're back to that perfect baby soft skin. :)

Did your babies have these? :)


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      My boy has so many things going on with his skin lol he has red birthmarks on his forehead between his eyes and another one on the back of his head...they look like pressure points from his head being to big for the space he was in lol he also has Mongolian spots on his lower back and bottom (I always have to take his medical records when he goes to a new doctor so they know they are not bruises). A purple birthmark on his wrist, a brown birthmark up by one of his armpits, plus exzema...the boys a mess! Hahaha now he's starting to get freckles.
        Selena has a stork bite.
          Gannon has a stork bite on his arm and his left thigh and they havent gone away my daughter had one on her right thigh and it is still there its just not red anymore
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            My boys did as well as mild cradle cap .
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