Rain and books are inspirational for me... What about you?

There are lots of things I find inspirational! Way up at the top of the list are great books and rainy days. A good documentary does wonders also, as well as science news.

A great book can whisk me away, teach me, make me feel... It can show me a glimpse into a whole other world. A book may let me experience things I otherwise may not be able to, like in a fantasy novel, or incite me to make the changes I want in my life to lead the life of my dreams.

A few of the books that have contributed to this feeling-
The Weis & Hickman Dragonlance novels

Moonwalking With Einstein- Seriously lifechanging for me... never knew a lot of these memory techniques, or that there was a whole subculture and worldwide contests for memory. Wanna learn quickly and retain? This is great starter info from a guy journeying himself into a place where memory reigns, where man absorbs knowledge like a sponge and completes outta this world tasks like blazing through college at unimaginable speeds.

Hyperspace by Michio Kaku- Oh boy, this book was a doozy. While I had questions about the Universe before reading this, it opened up whole other paths of thought. I remember one thing specifically- a way to (sort of) imagine the 4th physical dimension... Okay, so you know when you unfold a three dimensional cube you get a “T” shape of two dimensional squares? When you unfold a four dimensional tesseract, you get a cross shape (like the T) of 3 dimensional cubes. Just imagine folding them up in your head, their cube walls sort of falling into one another. Meditation on the topic blew my mind, lol.

When I read, because I like to write myself, I'm not thinking only about the characters, but the writer also. I like to pick apart their style, see what makes their words flow, understand their lives and message... Whether it's informational or just entertaining, if the book is awe-inspiring it makes me want to write something awe-inspiring too, and sometimes that kick in the pants is much appreciated.

Anywho, there are certainly things that inspire me beyond books, like I mentioned rainy days. More specifically, I enjoy stormy days with thunder as long as it keeps a steady pace nd isn't too severe. That's something I missed living in California... But I've gotten plenty since coming back to VA! It has rained almost every day.

There's something about the claps of thunder echoing off the mountainside, the dark greyish blue clouds, rain on the windows that feels like pure, raw, power to me. It refreshes me as it does the earth, cleanses my mind as it does the trees. I love the smell... I love seeing lightning dart across the sky. I LOOOOVE thunderheads. I think it is so, so pretty to see lightning bouncing back and forth within a cloud and it makes my imagination go haywire. I always do my best writing on days like that, and I find little more enjoyable than rain outside, a good book and a cup of tea in hand. Bonus points if I can cuddle with hubby too.

What do you find inspirational?
Are there any books that have changed your life?

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    I LOVE a great book! I am lost when I do not have a book to go to and read... i am in that period right now...craving a good book! I have picked up many just to be disappointed! ... Would love some suggestions of current new books!
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      That's awesome! Sounds like you have a cool lil guy on your hands. I hope one day he does get a response. Does he watch him on TV?
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