Steps to take if I want a baby boy

chromosome, you can do things to alter your chances of conceiving a boy because 'boy' sperm and 'girl' sperm behave differently!

Now, there is NO guarantee with any of this. Your partner may have resilient 'girl' sperm, or you might not get the timing or balance quite right. Having a baby at all is a delicate process, so gender selection can be finicky also! These tips should help your chances though.

Most people use what's called the Shettle's Method attempting gender selection. You can find more on the Shettle's Method by searching in the bar on the top right of

First things to know are that male-creating sperm swim faster, die more quickly, and prefer a more alkaline environment to female-creating sperm.

Anyway... Stuff to do!

Have sex right before (like less than 24 hours) before ovulation or right after so that your cervical fluid is most conducive to the quick y-sperm to swim in and beat the x-sperm to the egg.

In the final throes, aim for deep penetration. This also puts the sperm closer to the egg, giving the x-sperm less time to 'catch up' to the fast y-sperm.

Alter your pH... As mentioned before, y-sperm like a more alkaline environment, so do what you can to alter it. However, realize that neither sperm can exist in a vagina to basic or acidic, so don't go overboard. It can also mess with your natural vaginal flora and possibly cause a yeast infection or similar.

You can buy sensitive pH strips online so you can compare to see if your levels of acidity are changing.

You can change the pH to something more basic/alkaline by food or by taking baths with a little bit of baking soda in the tub. (Use vinegar for a girl) As for food, there are lots of different 'gender diets' but knowing which foods are more basic can be just as effective. (Or you can test them with your litmus paper... because why not?)

Some foods to consider are breads, read meat, fish, etc... There are plenty of extensive lists online with the alkalinity of food if you're curious about something you'd like to eat. I'll probably do a post on foods to help conceive a baby boy, so look out for it if you're interested.

A little further down the path of slightly more intense behaviors.... Guafenisin, like the stuff in Mucinex and other expectorants, may thin out your cervical mucous and raise your chances.

And, of course, if you have the dough, you can work with a geneticist to help you conceive the gender you'd like via IVF.

What tips do you know to help conceive a baby boy?

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    This is what the first sentence is supposed to say... "While it's true that gender is determined by the sperm and whether or not it carries an x or y chromosome, you can do things to alter your chances of conceiving a boy because 'boy' sperm and 'girl' sperm behave differently!"
      This is a great post... I knew about having intercourse right after ovulation to help the chances but that was all.
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