We are going to texas next week n I have mixed feelings about it I have family on my side who don't het along with the family on my daughters side.. what do I do to keep the peace for two weeks while we r there?? Any ideas??

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    My side of the family feel I could of picked a better father for my daughter so they are always putting him down even though I feel he's a great father... I try to keep them apart b/c he's a strong minded person n will try to fight ppl who don't like him... it sucks b/c my mother is the same way... I chose to move to MN to get away from that n they blame each other for it even though it was both sides that pushed lol now I want to c my fam after 3yrs
      Maybe it would be helpful if you and your daughters set some ground rules to just stay out of trouble? Not that any of you would cause the trouble, but if someone else does, head the other way.
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