Brown + Brown = Blue?

It can definitely happen.
My husband's eyes are a golden brown, while my own are a mix of brown-grey-green...while Nina has brilliant blue eyes with a golden circle around the pupils.

Brown is a dominant gene/allele, while blue is recessive. Two blue eyed people cannot have a brown-eyed baby, as far as I've ever learned in Biology class, but two brown eyed people can have a blue-eyed baby. I'm pretty sure your family has to have blue eyes somewhere back in the tree, though. My family is dominantly brown-eyed, though my dad's eyes are a vibrant green. My aunt has brown-blue eyes, however, and my sister-in-law has blue eyes, too, so we do have the occasional blue in our families.

Nina's doctor has told us that with her eyes still this color at a year old, they'll probably stay roughly this color, though they may turn green. There's always the possibility that they'll darken, but you never know.

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