Article: Does America Value Its Mothers as Much as it Should?

Short answer that I agree with: no.This article discusses how working parents in the US do not get the same parenting advantages as parents in other countries, with specific attention to things like maternity and paternity leave or taking time off to care for family members. As a working mom, this topic is very important to me, and this article doesn't even mention affordable child care. I went back to work eight weeks after I had my daughter, as we could not afford for me to take more time. I got eight weeks instead of six because of my c-section, and although eight was hard enough, it would have been impossible for me to go back at six weeks--Maddie needed me there.

Working or not working, the playing field for US mothers is far from level. Even the decision to stay home and care for your family involves a lot if risk. Do you think about these issues? How do they affect your everyday life?

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