How to increase milk supply when breastfeeding

When I was trying to increase my supply for pumping, I used:

Fenugreek supplements
Mother's Milk tea
Oatmeal for breakfast
Drinking lots of extra water
Pumping for five minutes after my last letdown of milk to make sure I was empty
Massage to express milk even after I stopped pumping
Pumping three times a day during my work day
Adding a pumping session in the early morning

Moms Expertise
I did some googling, because I was pretty sure I heard that this was an old wives tale. It doesn't look like it's that straight forward, though. This article is a great explaination:…

TLDR; most modern US beers are too light to help with milk production. Anecdotal exceptions may be single glasses of either Guinness (rich in barley and hops) or non-alcoholic St. Pauli (malty).
I actually wish I would have known about St. Pauli's...I would have tried it!
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