Recipe: Dark-Chocolate and Avocado Pudding

I was heading out, but I just watched this, and I had to post it here. I was just talking about wanting more nutrient-dense snacks, and this looks so interesting and really fits the bill. My husband is a chocolate lover, and I wonder if I could get this past him. This recipe uses avocado as the pudding base, and essentially just adds vanilla extract, some honey, chocolate powder, and salt for contrasting flavor. It really looks very pudding-y--I wonder how it tastes!

    Tish if you make it i will try it! ...but not sure if i would venture on making this on my own as only i would probably eat it! LOL!
      I feel like I may need to sneak the avocados in my house so my husband doesn't suspect I'm feeding them to him under the guise of harmless chocolate pudding, lol.
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        Hm, that's tricky. They are pretty creamy, but neither salty or sweet, exactly. I like to eat them plain, in guacamole, or on sandwiches. They are high in natural fats, so I like avocado as a creamy alternative to mayo. I think that they could blend into pudding without much fuss or complaints.

        I bought my avocados last night, and my husband is on board to try it!
          I've finally tried this recipe! The final verdict is that it's not too bad, but you can still taste the avocado. I would eat this again, but I probably won't be making it. My husband tried some off of my spoon and said, "No way!" but he's not very adventurous. Maddie also declined, so I was left with four servings to eat in one day. I was contented to eat one--not so much four.
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