I am trying to get fit and loose weight, soon to join the guard!! Really want this and think it would be a good decision for me and my children's future. What fitness advice do you ladies have?​

Norma GilbertLiberty, Missouri
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    8Theresa Gould
    I know Meg would recommend Barre, they even have online workouts to try before you buy/subscribe:

    I am a procrastinator when it comes to fitness and have been meaning to try Barre. I'd rather walk, if given the choice. Or shoot hoops with my husband.
      Hi Norma!

      I am 7 months pregnant and have worked out almost daily since we found out we were expecting.. I am a lover of the barre methods.. have you heard of them? It's a studio based (or home based) workout that incorporates ballet, yoga and pilates.. it might sound easy.. but it's FAR from it. It's a full body workout.. core, arms, butt, legs, thighs, abs... and it helps a woman's body to a TEE.. I do barre3.. If you google them, or click the link Theresa gave... you can see what it is all about :)
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