Healthy foods for trying to conceive a baby

It's probably better to have your body stocked up with vitamins before conceiving if you're able, the same reason why most doctors recommend you go ahead and start taking prenatal vitamins when you're TTC. Of course, receiI think vitamin solubility... Plus, the more healthy food you eat, the less junk you're eating. Keeping a steady blood sugar is great for the body's and mind's health overall, but may also help you conceive.

I know one thing that tends to give us a spike in blood sugar... Well, sugar! Replace it with agave nectar which is still nice and sweet, but has a low glycemic index so it doesn't spike blood sugar. That also helps prevent those 'crashes' that sometimes happen with too much sugar. Use it just like honey. Also keeps you from neeing to use things like Splenda and other aspartame/phenylalanine products which put your internal balance of bacteria all off.

Other healthy foods chocked full of nutrients for you and future growing baby are dark, leafy vegetables. The darker, generally, the better. Greens like Kale are especially delicious and nutritious. Other than that, try to get a good mix of colors of fruits and vegetables. Purple fruits and veggies contain anthocyanins which are fantastic antioxidants with a wide array of health benefits.

Stay aware that certain foods can alterr your hormones, which you can use to your advantage when TTC. Vitex/Chasteberry works especially well to regulate your cycle and aid in ovulation. Other things like black cohosh can also alter hormone levels. You have to be careful when doing this though to be aware of the delicate hormone mix o your body and how much it regulates. There are other foods that alter hormones less intensely.

Not really a food, but get plenty of water when preparing to conceive a baby. Especially if you're nauseous in the beginning, that hydration can really help out. Not only that, but your body will need extra water to create extra blood and to help keep down swelling, so better to form the healthy habit of drinking water now. Oh, and, of course, lots of vitamins are water soluble, so that'll help disperse them.

Make sure to get plenty of folic acid too, because it helps prevent neural tube defects and baby needs it before many women realize they're pregnant. You can buy it in a pill form on its own, or most prenatal vitamins come preloaded with it. You can get it from some 'natural' foods but bleached, enriched foods also have added folic acid like white flour, white bread, and white rice. Orange juice is naother great source, if I recall correctly.

Cutting down on caffeine now might save you some headache (literally) when you are pregnant. There are lots of decaffeinated versions of coffee and tea to serve as replacements, or you could just drink water. I found decaf Folgers was still pretty good. And, being a black tea drinker, Irish breakfast served for a non-caffeinated replacement for my usual Darjeeling. I think Rooibos would be a good one too, though, maybe not as a replacement, but just because it's yummy and healthy lol.

Oh and get plenty of healthy fats, Omega 3's, etc, to ensure baby has plenty for growing a smart lil brain. :)

What tips do you ladies have for healthy foods when TTC a baby?

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    This is great advice... I do not think I ever followed a prescribed diet or even changed my eating habits but this is good to know!
      Great advice, I cut out caffeine, ate healthy (though I was already) and took folic acid, then prenatal vitamin and flaxseed oil pill. Lots of water too.
        I heard sweet potatoes and some root vegetables are good TTC twins.

        With my pregnancy, I did a 180 the month before I got pregnant and just went all healthy and skipped the junk food and sodas/coffee. My routine that month: breakfast - bowl of oatmeal, AM snack - piece of fruit Lunch - carrot and celery sticks & cucumbers PM snack - string cheese and/or yogurt Dinner - very modest helping of protein/ a roll or 1/4c cooked rice, steamed vegetables.

        The 3 months after my hysteroscopy & laparoscopy, I followed my supplements/vitamins to a T.
          I will try this if it will help to me and to my husband,, we are already 8 months married and we really really love to have a baby but still we are not bliss yet,,, i also have monthly check up in Obgyne and gynecologist specialist for almost 16 months :( i really really wanna have a twin baby,, i hope this advice will help :)
          Hey Joan, try Fertilitea if it's taking a while! I've written a few posts on it if you search in the bar.
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