Seth went to the Optometrist and he spoke about 'Blue Light'

He asked me about how much 'screen time' Seth gets. I said "none if I can avoid it, but its possible he gets a maximum of 10 mins per day since everyone in my house constantly has a TV going, phones, laptops, ect."
He asked if Seth was staring at it & I said "he wants to but not if I can help it." I looked down and Seth was gazing into the Optometrist's computer screen. Ha ha.
Then I asked him if it could affect his vision, and he told me that no one is supposed to look at screens more than a maximum of 2 hours per day because it causes your eyesight to diminish. He continued to say some kids are sat in front of the TV and by the time they are 4 they need glasses that would have otherwise been not needed. (Although some vision disabilities are hereditary) he said its not the proximity to the TV as previously thought, its the amount of 'blue light' they get everyday. He recommended that I keep trying to keep him from 'blue light' for as long as possible, and try to find elementary schools that DON'T use Ipads ect.
My pediatrician also told me that TV isn't good for babies under 2 years of age, and that this is the critical time when their brains are learning to focus and TV is a lot of flashing and movement that you never see in the outside world. For instance TV shows with 'flash backs' and camera angles that swing from car crashes to peoples reactions, ect. He said it is now thought to cause ADD in children.
When I went to visit my friends -in my home town last month- and show off Seth, they were all putting their babies in front of the TV. (My friends ended up having babies two weeks apart from Seth! it was crazy us all being pregnant and now Seth is the middle child even though he was supposed to be the youngest.) Turning on Baby Einstein or even just letting their babies watch the shows they like such as 16 &pregnant. (yuck, lol) When they noticed that I turned Seth (in his car seat) away from the TV they asked why I wasn't letting him watch. Then they continued on to express their views on how they didn't think that my Pediatrician was correct and that I was paranoid. I was like "whatever everyone has their own view on parenting and this is mine. If you end up watching him I would greatly appreciate that you respect my views and not put him in front of the TV. I promise he will be a little angel and stare out the window or sleep." And I'm pretty sure they followed my request when they did end up watching him for 3 hours.
TL;DR: I don't let Seth watch TV because his Pediatrician and Optometrist have recommended not to, and my friends do put their babies in front of the TV.
Has you pediatrician/health professional told you anything like this?
Do you expose your baby to 'blue light'?

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    Thanks for posting about this. It is nice to learn something new. I found an article about it:…

    Based on this article I am more worried about the light bulbs in our home and I will be looking into safer light bulbs.
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