Do any of you ladies like to garden?

I love to garden. I love flowers, the smells, playing in the dirt and making things look pretty. I planted my strawberry plants, all my tomato plants and herbs. I going to get some cucumbers and make a little pond for my front yard. I am thinking of getting some gold fish to put in it. I will post a link on how to make your own mini pond. Great for those of you who live in apartments.

So this is a picture view on how to make your own mini pond. Remember anything that can hold water you can make it in to a pond.

Also there is an awesome Idea I want to share with you folks. You can put your gutter in a garbage can to save on your water bill to water your plants. Ill post a picture if your not quite understanding what I mean.

Do any of you ladies like to garden?Do any of you ladies like to garden?
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    You could make a wall garden so that you don't use any space on your patio.
      Nikki Hicks
      How cute I love to garden! I'm always looking for new ideas! Our next project (hopefully) is to take our logs that line our driveway and digging them out and planting flowers in them(: last year my husband took a used car tire and cut it to were it shaped like a flower, were gonna be putting that around our mailbox and planting a ton of flowers in that also (:
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