a funny mom

I like when my son tells me : " Mom, you're so funny!" it sounds almost like mom, I love you, right?​ But to be a fun mom you need a little creativity, and may be allow to break your own rules for a while. I just ask my son what he wants to do: play cars, jump on the bed( when my husband is not home), eat dessert first, to joke around, make silly faces, skip the homework...

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    8Theresa Gould
    I like it when I make my children laugh or smile or visa versa. It's like all is well with the world...for us at least. :)
      Amanda Hurley
      My bed has become the personal jungle gym for all three of my kids. Right now, it's hard for me to get up and move around with them, but I love sitting in my bed and flipping them around. They love the tickle fights. Some of our best memories of this pregnancy is the bed jumping.
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