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I have a thirteen year old son and 11 year daughter who are out on a mission on pushing my buttons... Does anyone have any idea on how to ​out best these little people...

4ThelaughingcafeBeverly, Massachusetts
    Ooh.. Show them who's boss! When they insist on pushing your buttons does this mean not doing things you ask??

    If they don't listen or don't clean up ect.. Just take away things they like. Computer, vid games, cell.. It will make them be mad at first but snap out of it real quick and be better to mom! Another way is give them a chores list. Hang a chore list on the fridge with a few little tasks you want done.

    Good luck :)
    Well we have a chore list and they all get money at the end of the month for when they do there chores. But my 11yr daughter is just so mouthy she just started talking back and talking under her breath... My so if I through a gilt trip on him he is getting pretty good. But today OMG they both were out of control and they had to go to bed early tonight...
    That's good. But do they have things like games, pc, cell phone n their rooms? They might sneak on them maybe?

    I'd still take the things they like away. When they start behaving more.. they get 1 back. Worth a try if they are getting worse. Have them start reading more. I put my daughter in her room with a book when she acts up. She rarely does. Thank goodness.
    8Theresa Gould
    I'd start docking their chore money, if they care about getting any at the end of the month.
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