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Okay mama's, it's time for me to get personal. I have casually stated here and there that I'm 'not a baby person' and that I definitely have problems feeling love for my son. This article is about all the emotions of pregnancy, and really a great read. It tells you that you can go a little crazy, but if it's too much or constant, you might want to talk to someone about it. It's not necessarily normal.

I have talked to David about my feelings for Lucas and I think I want to see a therapist. I love my son, I know I must somewhere inside, but I don't feel it. Not like I do with David, my family, my friends, I don't feel the emotion at all. I was very calm through pregnancy and had it very easy. When he was born I didn't get that overwhelming sense of love that every mom gets when they first see their baby. In fact, I wanted nothing to do with him. I didn't hold him til hours afterwards. I was just like 'Okay, I have a baby. So what?' It hit me once really hard that my baby was no longer inside me and how much I miss him, but just once. Other than that, nothing.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm great with him. Personally, I think I'm a real kick ass mom. ;) I just want to know if I could be better somehow. Not sure about the therapist thing (kinda weird for me because I know so much about psychology lol.) I haven't decided for sure yet, but we'll have to see what the future brings.

    I think that love can be expressed in different ways. Just because you don't "feel" like you love him doesn't mean you don't. Everybody has a different way of showing love. Do you cook for him? Wash his clothes? Take him places? Make sure he gets the best? Those are signs of love without all the mushy feelings.
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        I think that it is perfectly normal to feel that way. We have romanticized childbirth so much that Moms think they have to have this life changing moment as soon as their baby is born, but it is so not romantic! That little thing just caused you unbelievable pain and trauma and for some women the last thing they want is to then "fall in love" with this creature. Lol
        When T was born I was so nervous and so scared that after he was out I just wanted a few moments to catch my breath and realize that it was over and I was ok. I never had that overwhelming feeling of love, he just was my son and he was now a part of our lives and that's just how it was. Now that he is getting older and his personality is getting bigger and he's becoming his own little person, I love him more and more every day. It has never been this romanticized version of motherhood but rather a calm, sure, "I got this" sort of feeling. As long as you don't feel detached from him I think your are perfectly normal. I wish more women would admit to motherhood being this way, it would make it so much easier for those moms who feel this way and then think something is wrong with them.
          I had the similar feelings during the first half of my 1st trimester. My feelings came from a place of withdrawal because I felt so lost without my supplements. By the time I physiologically transitioned into being okay without my supplements, I started bonding with my baby and became very attached. Erik was concerned that I wouldn't be as thrilled because I wasn't having the boy I wanted. I'm just happy that I get to experience pregnancy as this might be the only time I ever become a mother...

          I took a lot of psychology classes too. I found out from my therapist that every student in grad school has to go through some kind of individual counseling as part of the program. It only makes sense.

          I hope you consider seeing a therapist just to see what it's like and so you don't have any thoughts of wondering what it would be like to see one.

          Take care and keep us posted on what happens next :-) Hugs to you.
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