Moms, what makes you feel like hotties?

I, personally, love to feel sexy, who doesn't!!?? For me, if David and I are going out. I'll wear a hot dress to show off my mama curves or a great pair of jeans and a nice top with some low heals, to show of my curves!!! I LOVE MY CURVES!!!! And so does David haha. I'm 5'3" and have a typical hourglass shape. Most of the time I'm in p.j's or baggy clothes because I never go anywhere! lol. But when I do, oh I spice it up big time! Make up, hair, the whole package. And I kinda like it when David says I look great and he wants to show me off. I like that he likes to make other guys jealous that I'm on his arm and not theirs heehee. ;)

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      4Maren West
      I feel like a total hottie all the time but even feel it even more when I dress up for Ryan when we have date nights. I always do my make up and hair, and I always put a very sexy dress, and high heels. I always feel great in tight jeans and t shirts when we go out on family outings.
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