I really need advice on how to handle money with my soon to come child. I need a job but can't stand for very long... HELP!!

    8Theresa Gould
    Are you looking for work at home jobs? Here are past threads we have discussed in the past, they are found in the icon in the left sidebar called "Moms Expertise" under "for mom":…

    Where to find legitimate work from home jobs…

    Try too. or (this does cost $24.95/quarter or $99/year) but there's some legitimate leads in there.

    A fellow blogger friend recommended:

    I've never used this site but it might be worth a try: and there are others like it, just be careful.

    Good luck with your work at home job search!
      Hi Jenn! Unfortunatly I have nothing to advice you - I've never been in such situation like you... But I dont really think that you have to go for full-time job - I think you need more support from your family and friends.
      Hope you have someone to support you now... What about the baby's father?
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