Water Bottle!

Mamas.. do you carry water bottle of sorts with you throughout the day? Always have water on hand? Remember to drink your "said" amounts?

I do! Well, I try :) I have a BKR, you can google them.. but they are glass water bottles with neat colored silicone wraps around them and a neato handle too.. I carry it everywhere and it really helps me to get my needed amount of h2o in a day.. plus.. well, I love water anyways! :)

    I do most of the time but sometimes I forget it when I leave the house and end up buying a water.
      I'm so bad I carry my Starbucks coffee cup with iced coffee in it at all times. I'm not so good with the water thing.
        Maggie Taylor
        I carry a drink. Sometimes it is water but most of the time it is mt dew. I hate the taste of water.
          i do carry water around with me
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