..so many ways!

I think baby/Dad time is SO important.. especially if you, Mom, are the one that stays at home with the baby the most during the day.. then you have to realize that baby needs one on one time with JUST Dad, and sometimes that means MOM not being around, no offense Mom :)

Some ways I think can help Dad & baby bond are..

- bathtime, let Dad do it all a few nights week!
- book time before bed.. let him read a story he likes to baby
- have a girls night out and let THEM stay in :)

Those are just a few ideas.. but above all.. try to let Dad be alone with baby from time to time.. even though you think you are letting them have time to themselves, sometimes it's hard for Mom not to "butt" in.. which is common and normal.. but alone time with Dad and baby gives them a chance to be themselves around one another, if that makes sense and it typically gives Dad a confidence boost!

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