What can you do if you are pregnant with no insurance

We haven't had insurance for our last two babies. We had home births which cost $1500 each so we would start paying our bill either right away or I'd take that total and divide it out over the rest of my pregnancy and I'd pay a set amount I determined so we'd have it paid off by the time baby arrived. Or we'd dip into whatever little savings we had.

It always pays to plan ahead but sometimes we can't. For hospital births sometimes going to financial aid can help you reduce your bill​, get on payment plans or if you are in a lower income bracket get the bill eliminated all together.

There is also private insurance groups like Good Samaritan, Medishare and the like for Christians who do not have regular insurance. We've heard good things about them but have yet to come to the point of joining. It's on our list to do though...some day.

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