Were we to harsh

So after being off our routine this weekend cuz of buying a new van and my moms work picnic both boys were crabby. They are still recovering for beinf up by 5:45am yesterday.

We were also busy and outside most of the day and haiden played with his best friend all day until dinner time.

Well after dinner my husband put on some you tube vidoes of what rides he went on while he was in florida.
I told haiden he needed to go outside and clean up the toys he and dan played with. He did and came back on. 5mins later he is gone. We called him and i thought he was in bathroom as thats where he went. He didnt answer. I walk outside and he is again with his friend. I should of delt with him but i was so angry that he didnt even ask me. So my husband got logan in shower and i put clothes away and got pjs together. My husband went to get haiden.
He asked haiden if he even asked either of us. Haiden said no but he asked his friends mom. My husband and i discussed his punishment and then we told him.
His punishment for leaving the house without asking was he was going to bed early tonight which was 7pm instead of 8pm. On top of that he is not to play with his friend after school for 2 days and that he is going to come home from
School and sit in his room until i am done babysitting. He can play with his toys but he is not allowed outside or with his friends.

If both of us were to harsh. We teamed it. Only mistake i made was choosing not deal with haiden when i saw him outside with his friend. But knowing i was to angry i didnt feel like embarrassing me or him in front of neighbors
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