father and poor choices and attitude.

The father of my son i never married, and my son is 8 years 6 months old and the father has had not good visitation with his son in keeping court ordered visitation. I kept documentation on things my son would tell me, about what his dad is doing putting me down as a mom and, twisting of making his son want to live with him . Today after a weekend visitation , my son continued to tell me im a bad mom that i don't care about him. He is all confused, his dad focuses on his weight and i was told today that kaleb was to run and when he didn't run as good as his dad wanted he was swearing and in the end he called my son names and he swore alot. My poor son i guess the court dont believe me it is called all hear say, so i guess ill record him and take him to a psychologist hopefully this will help. anyone with similar situations?

    thanks yea and he has ADHD he is so confused at this point all i do is hold him give him kisses and tell him its wrong to say alot of bad things. Im concerned for him im trying to learn about ADHD and he all ready has social issues. I started to record my son on my phone ill take this to my case worker who knows if this helps but thanks Sara
      thanks ladies im trying to be the best mom i can be, Im trying very hard thanks for all the support
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      im a single mom with a child that has issues. pretty sure ADHD
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