Fussy 1 year old

Not quite sure what it can be. Possibly teething. My baby girl hates sleeping in her crib now. I used to be able to put her down & leave the room and she would fall asleep. Not anymore. If I leave the room she just wails. Once I finally get her to bed she wakes up again during the night & screams again. She won't go back to bed unless I'm holding her. Thus hasn't happened since she was 9 months.

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    She could possibly be going thru an attachment phase. Just let her know that you are there and that everything will be okay. Try reading her a book when she wakes up and give her a glass of water. Doing something calm with her while she is in her crib will let her know that everything is okay and her bed is a calm place to relax.
      My little guy is in the same phase right now. I wish I had a good way to solve it..,but I don't :-/ it seems like every night is different. The thing that seems to help the most is he has a stuffed animal that will play music for a while and I wind it up and play it before I leave the room. He loves music so he will cry for a minute and then he is quite so he can hear it. It doesn't always work but it's the only thing that has worked at all the last few weeks. I also spend a lot of time in his room with him during the day. That has helped too.
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