What are your favorite spicy hot foods?

I've always enjoyed spicy foods... I had my first taste of habanero salsa as a toddler and loved it!

When I was younger, I thought it was fun to eat things just because they were spicy-hot, but now I'm all about spicy-FLAVOR. Some things just burn, but not everything has the flavor with it.

My favorite hot sauce is definitely Sriracha, the 'rooster sauce.' I put it on everything- eggs, chili, burritos, Chinese food, pretty much anything that isn't sweet. (Albeit, I do love hot pepper dark chocolate and vanilla heat coffee creamer!)

Other spicy hot foods I enjoy are buffalo wings with Sriracha and Frank's with some celery and ranch or blue cheese dressing. I love pickled cherry peppers, though I can't seem to find them many places. Pickled hot cauliflower. Kimchi- YUM! Hot chili including buffalo chicken chili with baked potatoes or eggs. Pepperoncinis. I like spicy Indian food sometimes. General Tso's chicken. Spicy orange chicken. Hot and sour soup- Oh my gosh, I could eat this all the time. I've tried to make it a few times, but it's a harder one to master I'm finding. Anybody have tips?

And to wash all the spicy down... A bloody mary of course! (extra bold and spicy with sriracha and horseradish!)

Speaking of alcoholic beverages, I saw Sriracha vodka at the store the other day! Whoo, mama, I'm not sure if even I'll go that far!

So, hot mamas, what's your favorite spicy food?

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