Why do people care on what he eats

So vince is almost 9months old and people just stare or criticise me on what i am giving him to eat. Or the even comment he is a baby he should only have forumla or baby food. I always tell them he is just fine and is healthy, plus he is drinking more formula now than what he was with me just feeding him baby food from jars.
What do u ladies think is it wrong.
Breakfast- 7 to 8oz of formula and then handfull of cherrios. But he possibly only gets about less than half.
Morning snack- toddler or dissovalbe baby snacks like puffs.
Lunch- 6-7oz bottle. Then what ever i make other than canned raviolies.
After nap snack-6-7oz bottle
Dinner- what ever i make minus pizza or anything spicey.
Bedtime- 7-8oz bottle.

Only time he gets the jarred baby food is if i know we are traveling and or fast foor restaurants. He has had 3-4mcdonalds fries and two bites of my bun on my cheeseburger if we eat at mcdonalds.

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    I think people "try" to be helpful when they are concerned, people do that to me now when I eat something being pregnant. I would ignore them and do what works for you and the baby.
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