Balancing Child and Full Time Work

I am blessed enough to work for a non-corporate, family owned business so they are very understanding of my situation. I work 10 hour shifts 4 days a week which gives me 3 days off. I spend most of those 3 days with my daughter. Clara is old enough now to understand that when I leave for work, it's because I have to but that I'll be back that night to see her. She is also watched by my mother whom we live with so that helps her stay calm and comfortable. I always look forward to my days off and so does she. She knows my days off mean time together and she loves that. It also helps that I have a set schedule at work. It stays the same so it helps her get used to my work week because she always has a pretty good idea of when I need to go to work and when I have a day off.

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I'm a 23 year old single mother living in Fortville, IN. I work in Indianapolis. I have a wonderful 3 year old daughter, Clara. Check out my facebook page at :-)