Bottle for breastfed baby

We use Advent bottles. Our daugther has had no issues with using this brand and no issues with the nipples for the Advent bottles. As in all things, each child is different and you have to find what works best for them. It could be a different brand for each baby.

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    None of my boys were breastfed but they all had different bottles.
    Haiden had the playtex vent air bottle. He loved them. Only bad thing we had was when the bottles got old and not used was the seal got bad.
    Logan we had the playtex vent air but he hated it. I tested two other bottles and he refused them. Only bottle he took was avent bottles.

    Vince we had soothie bottles. But he was uncomfortable with it. So we tried with parents choice cheap bottles, those were better but he didnt like it. So i tried nuk bottles and we had success. But someone mentioned mam bottles so i bought a pack and dure enough he loved it. I found breastflow bottles at a garage sale and he loves those the best. His two faves are breastflow and mam.
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