Help with ideas

I am a stay at home mom and I don't know what kind of opportunities are out there for work when it comes to be able to work from home, does anyone have any ideas? I don't mind if I have to take classes for anything I just wanna be able to stay home as much as I can for my babies.

    my due date in july 19th and yea I wasn't sure how this site worked and wasn't seeing my other post that I did that's why there are two post about it lol
      yea im praying she is early like my two boys were, they were two weeks early and im just so ready for her to be here and see what shes like and what it is like that finally have a little girl in the house between me and my fiancé we have 3 boys and im the only girl so its going to be a wonderful change and we are just both so happy to finally have our little princess :)
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      I am stay at home mommy we have 3 wonderful boys who are my whole world and we finally have our little girl on her way and I cant not wait till she gets here!!!