Let's make another baby!

I woke up this morning to my husband saying. "Let's make a baby" I was caught off guard. I was having a big case of baby fever a couple months ago as most of you know, but although my husband was on board he wasn't 100% on board, Bc he didn't feel the want for another, but he also wouldn't mind if it happened(: we stopped ttc due to my period bein crazy and us not getting pregnant we said we were gonna wait till my body gets regulated and began ttc again, well I'm regulated and we decided months back that my baby fever had stopped. Months later this is what he says! I mean I'm on broad 100% but it seems so werid of him to act like this. So who first brought up the baby subject in your relationship?(:

Nikki Hicks
    I did when we first began dating. I believe on like, the third or fourth date I broached the "do you want kids" thing. He actually told me he didn't want any and I followed that with, well I do, so I don't see how this will work out. He just said, "let's just see how this goes first." Two months later he said he wanted one. Now that we're married, and have a little girl, he wants one more. Preferably a boy, but he wants Ellsie to have a sibling. :)
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