Having an "I told you so moment"

Score one for this Mommy!
Last month we got our electric bill and it was high! Like super high...at least for us...almost $300! I told my husband and everyone else I couldn't find that something was wrong and there was no way it could be that high. The electric company came up with all kinds of excuses like the months before must not have been an actual reading but an estimate of usage and now we were making up the difference. I knew they were wrong but had no choice but to pay it. So today I got the new bill with a HUGE credit on it and this months bill payed because imagine my surprise...NOT...they had misread the meter and overcharged me! :-)
Is it wrong that I feel vindicated lol why is being right after everyone told you that you were wrong such a good feeling?

I set my husband an I told you so text lol
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    They are the best! Lol
      I am having a victory party for you! This is the best kind of right--you're right, and you get money!
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