Showing interest

So for the past few weeks, Charlie has been showing some serious interest in food. At his 4 month appt, doc said some moms do start food at that time, and if the baby starts showing interest. We have decided to wait until 6 months, but have let him play with a spoonful of banana, and have let him try a fingertip's worth of mashed potatoes. Today, daddy is home for lunch and Charlie is propped up on his lap with his bottle. He keeps letting go of the bottle and staring at dads food as it travels from bowl to mouth. It's so cute but it's killing me!

What signs of interest in food did your little one show?

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      I have video of Maddie sitting in the middle of our living room and moving her mouth "Yum yum yum," while watching her dad eat. It makes me laugh, but we waited a bit too.
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