My kid was lost last week!

I'm still slightly freaked out, but last week my daughter had a field trip to the movies and when they got back i went to pick her up at normal pick up time (3pm) she usually rides the bus but her babysitter was out of town so i left work early to go get her. Only for me to pull up in the pick up line and her not be there. I asked her teacher where she was and she said "Honestly i have no idea where Symoni is" ....i laugh it off thinking she might have went to Kindergarten pick up and drive around the block...nope not there and got a good chewing out from the Kindergarten teacher's for driving through their line (RUDE) then drive around the block again only for her teacher to say she's "so sorry" and that she might have gotten on the we exchange numbers(and i'm hysterically laughing at this point....because well...she's missing!) and drive to where she's dropped off from the bus and luckily she is still makes me frantic just thinking about it.

    Oh man, that makes me panicky just thinking about it. I'm glad there was a safe ending!
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